05/05/2009 17:31

In Febuary I was part of a feature on Hypnosis in Money Sense Magazine. The article can be read here.

05/05/2009 16:46

  A few weeks back my friend Juancho (check out his eco-friendly blog at provided me with some raw food cook books. I began incorporating more raw foods into my diet and feel amazing. The receipes are easy, fast and very healthy. You can even make raw vegan burritos which are bursting with colour and flavor! I recommend checking out Ani Phyo's raw food kitchen uncook book. She also has a youtube channel where she shares her tasty creations. Her recipes use simple ingredients to make gourmet raw meals.  We all need to consume a variety of raw fruits and vegetables to keep us healthy and her recipe ideas make eating raw food exciting!

01/02/2009 15:54

After a few weeks of work, I have finally completed the sleep sound audio program. I know it works because while I was working on this program doing the audio mixing I would at many times feel myself beginning to feel like I was falling asleep! If you would like a good nights rest I highly recommend checking it out. There is a free sample download of the program here. This program is excellent for sleep issues, insomnia and getting a good nights sleep. It contains binaural audio or binaural beats to help enable your mind to drift into a deep and restful sleep rapidly.

17/01/2009 19:26

I have been working hard on a new audio program called "Sleep Sound". This audio program for sleep pattern issues goes beyond tradition hypnosis by incorporating binaural audio with hypnosis and music. Binaural audio (Or binaural beats) uses audio frequencies which slow down the conscious mind. By ramping down the audio frequencies binaural audio can enable an individual to move from waking consciousness to deep sleep rapidly. In combination with hypnosis suggestions, binaural audio is highly effective. The program will sell for $14.95 and will be available as a digital download from the new store section, coming soon, on this website.        

16/01/2009 16:22

It is fast and easy as well as eco friendly to make your own air freshener with essential oils as apposed to harsh cemicals. A few drops of essential oil (Lavender, citrus, bergamot) can be dropped into a spray bottle with water. You can even combime different oils to create different scents. Essential oils can make your home smell invigorating, calming or relaxing as each essential oil brings different feelings into the body when inhaled. Also they have a greater lasting power so a few sprays will go a long way. Its better for your home and family because it is all natural. Plus it is cost effective because a bottle of essential oil costs 10$ to 20$ and contains 250 drops. You only have to add 10 drops to a large spray bottle so a bottle of essential oil with go a long way.

15/01/2009 09:27

I have made a decision today to join a food co-op. What the heck is a food co-op you ask?

"What’s a food co-op? It’s a store that’s owned by people who shop there. Unlike, say, Whole Foods, which is owned by shareholders who want the company’s profits to keep growing so that the value of their shares keeps going up, a food co-op’s member-owners are its customers, and are more interested in fair prices and good service than in gargantuan profit margins." states an article on MSN about food co-ops.

The food co-op I have decided to join is called Karma Food Co-op. You have to work for 2 hours a month at the store in exchange for the low prices that you pay. It is definately worth the exchange of time for better prices if you ask me.

They carry a large assortment of orgainic, fair trade and local produce as well as lots of vegetarian (rennet free) cheeses and eco friendly cleaning products. So not only do you save money by joining a co-op but you also are saving our environment.

I recommend checking out co-ops in your area. If  you are in Toronto, you can visit Karma Food Co-Op at

14/01/2009 10:21

I recently read a story about how a man asked his wife why she cut the ends off a ham before cooking it. "Well that is the way my mother cooked it!" so the woman asked her mother why she cut the ends off the ham before cooking it and her mother said "That's how my mother cooked it!" So she went to her mother and asked why she cut the ends off the ham and her mother said "I cut the ends off because I only had one pan and it was too small to fit a whole ham in."

It is amazing how we can go through life and not even question things that we do.

Another interesting story is how procter and gamble never put any red in commercials. One day someone asked "Why don't we put red in commercials?" The answer was "We just don't. No red in commercials" upon further investigation it turned out that red was not put into commercials because of the fact that it didn't look right when they were using black and white tvs!

So I encourage you to take a look at your life. Are you cutting the ends of your ham or not putting red in your commercials? Makes you think, doesn't it?

14/01/2009 10:18

Last week I was interviewed by moneysense magazine on how hypnosis can help peoples mindset during an economic slump. The interview went very well and I hypnotized the journalist who interviewed me. He said it was a very "enlightening" experience. Look for the full interview in an upcoming issue of Moneysense Magazine. I will keep you posted!    

12/01/2009 15:15

I recommend checking the article on How to go green which offers up some easy methods of being environmentally conscious without having to do much thinking. It is getting more important than ever for all of us to do our part to protect our planet!

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