25/05/2013 17:20

On Saturday March 25th at 2 pm, Approximately 2500 Torontonians marched against Monsanto. The march against monsanto was a world wide event and there were millions of people attending other events globally. This peaceful protest was to raise awareness of GMO foods and the potential risks that they could bring about. As a member of Karma Co-operative, a food store in Toronto that specializes in GMO free, organic foods, I have learned alot about food politics and the importance of sustainable agriculture (and permaculture). I really recommend getting educated on these issues as it will help you to make a more informed decision when you shop.

-Research studies have shown that Monsanto’s genetically-modified foods can lead to serious health conditions such as the development of cancer tumors, infertility and birth defects.

-In the United States, the FDA, the agency tasked with ensuring food safety for the population, is steered by ex-Monsanto executives, and we feel that’s a questionable conflict of interests and explains the lack of government-led research on the long-term effects of GM products.

  • -Recently, the U.S. Congress and president collectively passed the nicknamed “Monsanto Protection Act” that, among other things, bans courts from halting the sale of Monsanto’s genetically-modified seeds.

-For too long, Monsanto has been the benefactor of corporate subsidies and political favoritism. Organic and small farmers suffer losses while Monsanto continues to forge its monopoly over the world’s food supply, including exclusive patenting rights over seeds and genetic makeup.

-Monsanto's GM seeds are harmful to the environment; for example, scientists have indicated they have contributed to Colony Collapse Disorder among the world's bee population.


What are solutions we advocate?

-Voting with your dollar by buying organic and boycotting Monsanto-owned companies that use GMOs in their products.

-Labeling of GMOs so that consumers can make those informed decisions easier.

-Repealing relevant provisions of the US's "Monsanto Protection Act."

-Calling for further scientific research on the health effects of GMOs.

-Holding Monsanto executives and Monsanto-supporting politicians accountable through direct communication, grassroots journalism, social media, etc.

-Continuing to inform the public about Monsanto's secrets.

-Taking to the streets to show the world and Monsanto that we won't take these injustices quietly.


20/05/2013 12:04

When a relationship ends it can be difficult to move forward in life. Its easy to get stuck wishing and hoping that things will return to the way that they were. Sometimes people get back together again, but when a relationship has run its course it is necessary to release it so that you can get on with life. Thankfully, Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you release your past relationship so that you can move forward into a brighter future.

Getting over it! Is a gentle hypnosis program that will allow you to release a past relationship. You will learn how to change your thinking about the situation, how to process and integrate the lessons and learnings that you received from the relationship and how to program your thoughts and thinking so that you begin to think fresh new thoughts about your future.

Read more:



15/05/2013 14:19

New episode-May 15 2013

Learning how to love yourself-Learn how suggestions, both external and internal, can affect how you preceive yourself. You will also have the opportunity to experience a gentle, hypnotic journey that will allow you to begin the process of learning self love. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you catch future epidsodes.

13/05/2013 13:52

Huffington post has a great article today on becoming more mindful during your day to day activities.

You can read the article here

10/05/2013 12:04

Frall foods will be holding it's weekly CSA prgram outside of Park Roads Healing arts and My office at 93 Collier Street every Wednesday from 4-7pm starting on May 22nd. For only $30 per week you get a regular sized share and for $40 you receive a large share. I get a regular sized share (it is actually enough for two people) and it is more than enough for me. The larger share is perfect for a family. It is a great, cost effective way to eat local and organic while supporting your local farming community. 

For more information or to join contact Paolo at 647-973-2501. He can also be contacted via email

You can also checkout their website

06/05/2013 15:54




“Not necessarily so” says Dr. Georgina Cannon in her new book RETURN AGAIN published by Red Wheel Weiser, where she writes about Past Life and Life Between Lives and the ability for all of us to change Karma.


“There’s no question we bring in patterns, which are part of the soul lessons we need to learn, but how we handle those patterns, is up to us, in this lifetime,” she explains, “imagine Karma as a hand of cards that you are born with, it’s how we play those cards in this lifetime that make our Karma this time.”


In her 17 years of clinical hypnosis and regression wok in the clinic, Georgina has seen thousands of clients, and each person has a story. Each person has their own view of their world as they are living it today. So whether we’re blaming our mother, our boss, the weather or Karma for our life and the way we’re living it, ultimately, it comes down to us. What we choose to do, every moment of every day, carves out the life we live – and our Karma for the next life!


Once we understand that we can manage our Karma and make changes in the current life, we have to find a way of weaving those changes smoothly into our day-to-day. Sometimes that can be a challenge. Georgina has developed a program called The Absorption Process which she uses in her clinic and is explained in the book.


Return Again contains scripts and guidance how to change Karma, as well as additional scripts that the reader can use. Other important subjects and chapters in the book include information about soul mates, body and soul agreements, the ability to choose heaven or hell on earth and important information and guidance about soul mates and soul contracts.

For more information:

Bio: Dr. Georgina Cannon – award winning author, change catalyst, corporate speaker, international facilitator and practicing consulting regression hypnotist who brilliantly and skillfully uncovers the powers of the subconscious mind-body connection working through relationship and life issues with clients, both personally and for business.

30/04/2013 11:12

In this podcast you will learn why spring is the best time to make change, how to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts and how to manage stress. You will also have the opportunity to experience a gentle journey using hypnosis to help you combat stress leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated. 

Listen to my podcast here

03/04/2013 08:49

If you wake up tired and groggy in the morning, you may be waking up during a sleep cycle.

Our sleep is divided into several cycles (rem, deep sleep) and each of these lasts for 90 minutes on average. 

If you want to wake up feeling renewed and refreshed it is beneficial to wake up in between sleep cycles. There is a wonderful tool that I use with clients to help them calculate the time they should go to sleep and wake up in the morning.

By waking up in between sleep cycles it makes the transition from sleeping to being awake a much easier one.

06/11/2012 12:29


If you are interested in improving your health, eating right is a great place to start. We have seen an increase of awareness around the foods that we are consuming. People are waking up to the effects that pesticides, GMO's and processed foods are having on their health. 

Organic food can be more expensive. All it takes is a visit to the larger organic grocery chains to see that the prices are more than conventional stores.

There is a better way to go organic!

Karma Co-op is a market with heart located in downtown Toronto. Karma specializes in organic, local, GMO free and fair trade products

As a member you contribute 2 hours of work a month. The prices are marked up less than other grocery chains as a result so the savings are passed on to members.

Karma carries over 200 bulk items, organic produce fresh from dozens of Ontario farms, health supplements (we even have a registered nutritionist on staff to help with your questions) and the highest quality, eco-friendly goods making it a one stop shop for the health conscious consumer.

We would love to have you as part of our community. If you are interested in joining, please visit 

You can watch an introductory video on the co-op here!

01/11/2011 18:35

I have been hard at work completing an album for relaxation called "The Journey" which is now available for purchase on my site. It will be available on Friday on itunes.

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