22/09/2010 10:22

"Part of me wants to lose weight but part of me just wants to stay home and not go to the gym and eat ice cream."

You are made up of different parts. When all parts of you are working together, things flow smoothly in life. When there is conflict between parts of yourself, you experience an internal battle. People who are trying to lose weight experience this. They go to the freezer and find themselves taking out the ice cream. A part of them says "you shouldn't be doing this if you want to lose weight" but another part of them says "come on, it tastes good. You know you want it. You deserve it. You can go to the gym tomorrow." It is like the cartoons you used to watch as a child. The character had an angel with a halo on one shoulder and a devil with a pitchfork on the other.

Parts therapy enables you to work directly with a habit, behaviour, emotion or thought process. It allows greater understanding of what is happening. All behaviour has benefit.

An example would be someone who wants to lose weight. In hypnosis when working with the part of them that wants to go to the gym and lose weight the client might discover that this part wants them to feel good, look good and be healthy. They also might discover that part of them that wants to eat ice cream also wants to feel good or comforted. Both parts actually have benefit and want the person to feel good! However, both parts are going about feeling good in very different ways. Once we uncover the underlying motivations of each part, we can begin to come up with new alternatives using the creative mind. An example would be that the part that goes to the gym does so from Monday to Friday and on the weekend a bowl of ice cream can be had as a treat.

This allows greater integration of the parts within oneself. When parts of you are in alignment you don't feel like you are being denied anything. With this comes greater balance within the inner ecology.

21/09/2010 05:18

Not everyone had happy a childhood and teenage years. If someone was neglected, criticized or abused during these developmental times it can lead to a lack in confidence in interpersonal relationships, inability to believe they deserve good things in life, negative emotions, fear of rejection and countless other issues.

Re-parenting allows the hypnotherapist to guide the client in healing the younger self or inner child. It allows one to become a parent to themselves.

By connecting to the inner child that resides within, the person can experience giving themselves the nurturing, affection and recognition they needed but didn't receive as a child. It also allows the adult self to give the younger self the guidance, direction and self-disipline needed to gain self-control. It  releases the pain of the past by creating a strong bond between the adult and child self to give a new sense of security, self-confidence and self worth.

It can be a profoundly moving experience and it results in a more whole, more complete person who has ownership of all parts of themselves.


20/09/2010 07:39

Yesterday I discussed age regression and how hypnosis can be used to uncover the initial memory and cause of the issue. But once you are aware of the memory, what do you do to heal it?

There are many techniques that can be used to help heal a memory. One of those is re-framing.

My office is located next to a picture framing store. I see people going in with old framed pictures everyday. When they emerge they have a new updated frame and as a result, the entire picture looks different.

Much like a new frame can change the look of a picture or painting, changing our frame of a memory can change the way that it looks to us.

Re-framing is the process of looking at a memory under a different light. When you experience something at 10 years old, the memory is stored from the perspective of a 10 year old. Re-framing allows you to look at a memory and bring all of the knowledge and wisdom that you currently have available back to the memory. Much like a multifaceted jewel can be turned and looked at from many angles, so can memories.

When a new, higher perspective is established, the memory is no longer viewed in the same way. The person who may have believed that they are responsible for their parents fighting all the time when they were young might realize that as a child they did nothing wrong and there was most likely other issues taking place between their parents. The person who was bullied may realize that the other people needed to do so to feel good about themselves or that they were hurting in their own way. The person who's mother used to yell and scream may realize that her mother was treated the same way by her mother and was only acting as she was taught and actually did the best that she could being a single mother.

Once re-framing of a memory takes place, people feel lighter and free. It can be a profound way of taking back control.


19/09/2010 09:04

All issues and problems have a beginning. When people come in for hypnosis one of the tools that can be used is age regression. It allows the hypnotherapist to guide the client back through the memories of their lifetime to uncover or discover the source or origin of the issue.

Many times people return to early childhood, some the teenage years and others events as adults. Wherever the persons mind takes them is usually a memory that requires healing. When using age regression with clients I am very careful with the questioning that I use. Questions are very open ended and do not lead the client in anyway.

Age regression is only one tool of hypnosis. It allows the client to develop a greater understanding of where the issue came from and then we can proceed with different techniques that can be done to heal the memory.


18/09/2010 07:51

People don't just go to see a hypnotherapist to be hypnotized. They go to a hypnotherapist because they are experiencing a problem or an issue that they want to change. Once someone is in hypnosis, a hypnotherapist has to know what to do with them when they are there to make the change. This next week I will be allowing you an exclusive peek inside the toolbox so that you can learn more about what happens when someone is in hypnosis! Starting tomorrow you will learn what exactly happens to help people make change! I could teach you how to hypnotize someone in about an hour, but it takes a lifetime of continued learning to help people make the change they desire while in this state!

15/09/2010 17:37

Using the power of the hypnosis to lose weight

 Losing weight is more than just going on a diet. When people diet and lose the weight that they want they usually return to their old patterns of behaviour around food, eat themselves back to their old weight and then hop back on the diet train again. This pattern of yo-yo, going up and down in weight, is unhealthy and hard on the physical, not to mention, the emotional bodies.

 People who are looking to lose weight, and keep it off need to develop a better relationship with food and themselves. They need to understand the reasons that they continue to overeat. Many times food is used as a tool to comfort. Many people eat to make themselves feel better at times of stress or worry. Some people even use food as a reward system. Even boredom can cause people to eat. It is important to understand what causes one to eat too much. Knowledge in this area allows better choices to be made around food.

 It is important to develop better responses to the triggers that cause eating. If stressed, going for a walk or doing yoga is better. If bored, finding a physical activity such as walking or riding a bike. There is always a better response to choose.

 Losing weight is about lifestyle change. It is about deciding once and for all to obtain a healthy weight and stay there. Letting go of the foods that are unhealthy is necessary. Chips, chocolate bars, ice cream and deep fried foods are unhealthy and as long as they are in abundance within ones diet weight loss will be difficult.

 Hypnosis is a tool that enables you to reprogram the subconscious mind with new thoughts and ideas, both about yourself and about food. It can enable you to let go of the foods that you no longer want around you and also develop a greater desire for healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. It can also help you to develop a better self-image of yourself.

 Hypnosis MP3 programs are a great way to start letting go of weight. Think yourself thin is a program I have designed to help people let go of weight. It helps you develop a better image of yourself and a better relationship with food. It can be downloaded instantly here

14/09/2010 07:25

Everyone has some confidence, even the people who say that they don't. If someone didn't have confidence they wouldn't get out of bed in the morning to face their day. However, having low self confidence can cause us to seek out a comfort zone in our lives. Within the comfort zone it might be safe and secure but it doesn't help you move forward in life to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

When we develop more confidence and self belief we begin to step outside of the comfort zone and can begin doing the things that we want to be able to do and need to be able to do to be successful.

So how do you develop more confidence? Here are a few things that you can do to help you

-Begin to become aware of the thoughts within your mind that prevent you from doing things. Thoughts like "I can't do that". Begin to take inventory of these thoughts and when you catch yourself tell yourself to stop that thought. Then insert a new thought such as "I can do that!"

-Close your eyes and imagine yourself as you want to be in the future. See yourself confident and doing the things you want to do. Step into the image and really feel it. Imagine it is you. This is a very powerful self hypnosis technique.

-Do one thing each week that either you are afraid to do or don't want to do. When you start doing these tasks, it moves you out of your comfort zone and you begin to build momentum.

Also, using hypnosis MP3's can be very beneficial in developing more confidence. I have recorded a hypnosis program called The Key To Confidence-Unlocking Your True Potential. It can be found at the below link to sample and download.

Key to Confidence MP3 Program

13/09/2010 09:00

A little bit of stress can be helpful. It can help you to keep on top of things either work or school related. But when you add situational stress on top of daily routines it can lead to chronic stress. The death of a spouse or loved one, a divorce, an injury, losing a job, arguing with others or having relationship difficulties can all factor into stress levels.

High stress levels affect both the immune system and the cardiovascular system and if left untreated can lead to unexplained pain and illness, high blood pressure, ulcers, migraines, heart disease, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome and autoimmune diseases.

Stress can also erode your mental health causing anxiety, fears, substance abuse (such as smoking and alcohol) and negative thinking.

There are things that you can do on a daily basis to help you manage stresses as they come up.

-Take an inventory of your life. Write the things that are causing you stress down onto a piece of paper.

-When you look at the list, begin coming up with solutions to these issues.

-What on the list can be tackled right away? What needs to wait till tomorrow? Begin to prioritize

-As you accomplish the things on the list check them off. You will feel relieved after checking each item off the list.

-Practice meditation or yoga on a daily basis

All of these are wonderful ways that you can reduce the stress levels in your life.

I have recorded a hypnosis program to help reduce and remove stress. It is entitled Journey Into Rejuvenation-Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit. You can sample it and download it at the below link.

12/09/2010 20:15

Within each of us lies the inner child. Not all of us had happy and healthy childhoods. Many peoples early years were times of emotional and mental trauma. In some cases, this was physical and sexual trauma.

Traumas, big and small can affect us deeply and when left unhealed they can result in negative patterns of behaviour and emotion in later life.

When we begin connecting with and healing this fragile part of us, we can begin to evolve and transform.

In my clinic I see clients experience profound changes when we work with the inner child. Tears begin to flow for the first time in a long time and afterwards, people express how light they feel, as though a heavy weight has been lifted from them.

Here is an excercise that you can do on your own to begin the process of healing your inner child.

-Close your eyes and begin to imagine this part of you

-Notice what age this child is

-Notice how this part of you is feeling. Is this part of you happy, sad, alone or afraid?

-Imagine you could speak words of encouragement and love to this young part of yourself telling them that everything is going to be alright. Imagine becoming the parent the child needs.

-Take a few moments to do this and then come back into the room.

With repeated practice this short excercise can be the first step at healing this part.

If you would like to experience the full inner child healing process that I use at my clinic you may experience a free sample of it and purchase the mp3 version from my website by clicking here

11/09/2010 10:48

Throughout life, sometimes people treat us in a way that causes us pain. It doesn't matter if the pain is intentional or unintentional it still leaves a mark on our emotions. Most people don't try to hurt others, usually the one that hurts is experiencing their own difficulties handling life.

When we get hurt we can get angry at the person that hurt us and angry at ourselves for allowing it to happen. We can begin imagining revenge scenarios and wanting the worst to happen to that individual. In reality this sort of thinking is toxic to the system. It doesn't move us forward in life to where we want to be. It keeps us stuck. Even if the person is long gone these feelings can still emotionally tether us to them.

One of the most healing and cathartic processes for releasing the past can be forgiveness. And yes, Love. Love and forgiveness allow you to rise above what happened and take back control of your life, and yourself. Forgiveness is not forgetting. We learn from every experience that we have. Through integrating what you learned from your experience with this person and situation you become better equipped to handle life in the future.

Furthermore forgiveness is not agreeing with what happened. It is not justifying the behaviour of the person. Instead it is saying, "I choose to let this go so I can move forward in life."

And lastly the person that benefits the most from forgiveness is not the person that hurt you, but rather yourself. It is only through the forgiveness of others can we truly release the past and move forward to a brighter future.

If you need help in learning to forgive others, I have recorded a hypnosis MP3 program entitled, Forgiveness-releasing the anger and resentment of the past. It is the same forgiveness process I use with clients.

You can listen to a sample and download it here

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