15/08/2010 15:42

Just a reminder of the webshow tonight at

I will be discussing hypnosis and you can feel free to ask any question you desire.

Attend and you will receive my Hypnosis MP3 Journey into Rejuvenation-Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit free! A $10 value!

14/08/2010 09:07

This is a reminder of the hypnosis webshow I will be doing tomorrow at 8pm. Join me for a informal chat about hypnosis with a question and answer period. Learn about hypnosis and how it can help you acheive balance, transformation and healing in your life.

14/08/2010 08:56

Improving Self Confidence - September 11 2010   9am to 5pm

Imagine being more confident in every area of your life. Imagine breaking through any barriers that stand in your way of success.

In this one day intensive workshop you will learn strategies on increasing self confidence with NLP and Self Hypnosis.

In this course you will learn how to
-Get to the root of what is causing a lack of confidence and understanding it
-Release old thoughts and emotions that stand in the way of success
-Develop a better self image
-Using NLP Strategies to increase confidence when and where you need it
-Creating new patterns of behaviour around confidence using NLP modelling techniques

-use powerful self hypnosis techniques to increase confidence

The cost of the course is $200 taxes included

To Enroll in this course please email me directly at or call 416-464-7780 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              416-464-7780     

14/08/2010 07:36

When your clothes become out dated or out of style you clean out your closet and donate them to charity or a worthy cause. Then you make a trip to the store to get some new threads so you look top notch. I am sure you have experienced the feeling of wearing new clothes and know how good it feels when you look your best.

But what about old thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour that have become out dated or out of style? How do you clear out those? And how do you get new, fresh ideas, thoughts, feelings and behaviours?

Hypnosis and NLP are both wonderful tools that can help to release those things that are no longer serving you. It can release old emotions, negative thoughts and behaviours. Then new patterns of thought can be installed so that you can begin living your life as you desire.

If you feel great after getting new clothes can you imagine how good you would feel after an internal makeover!

13/08/2010 13:19

My website has underwent some cosmetic changes to serve you better. I hope you find it informative and inspiring.

26/07/2010 05:03

When we drive, it is necessary that we map out where we are going. If we have no destination we would most certainly get lost. And you would never go to a train station and say to the ticket clerk..."Surprise me". 


When we set goals for ourselves we need to know where we want to get to. A goal must be measureable, believable and realistic.


An effective method of goal setting is what in NLP we refer to as "Chunking" meaning you break the goal down into a series of smaller goals.

If you want to lose 50 lbs, start with a goal of 5 lbs.  If you want to stop smoking, reduce the amount in half first.


By chunking down your goals it makes it far easier to see the results and gets you one step closer to success!



25/07/2010 08:11

If you plan on attending the free web show on hypnosis please R.S.V.P at


It will be a fun, informative show! I hope you can attend!

19/07/2010 12:30

I invite you to join me on on August 15th 2010 from 8-9pm. I will talk about hypnosis and how it can help you live a more fulfilling life. There will also be a question and answer period and a 10 minute relaxation at the end!

23/06/2010 08:20

I have been getting some veggies from the cutting veg and it is great! They will be located outside my office today from 2-7pm. Come and swing by and check out their fresh produce....that is picked the same day as it arrives!

10/06/2010 07:41

Below is a message from the super nice guy Daniel from The Cutting Veg. I highly recommend their produce! It is superb! Information on joining is below.

Hey Farm Folks,


The Cutting Veg Organic Farm, in partnership with Park Road Healing Arts, is thrilled to present the 2010 Park Road Organic Harvest Program! The Park Road Organic Harvest is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program. 

A CSA is a mutually beneficial partnership in which individuals or families receive fresh, local, organically grown produce weekly, while supporting local farmers and sustainable growing practices.  The Cutting Veg Organic Farm grows and sources local, organic produce, and community members come to the Park Road Healing Arts Clinic, near Bloor and Yonge, on Wednesday afternoons, from June to October, to pick up their weekly share. 


Joining a CSA means you and your family will enjoy the health, community, and environmental benefits of eating fresh, local, organically grown produce!  Join the thousands of communities across North America that have already committed to putting their purchasing power behind our local farmers.  Become a part of the food movement today!  For more information, visit, or contact Daniel Hoffmann at, or 647-388-7444.


Keep Livin' on the Veg!





Daniel Hoffmann
The Cutting Veg
"Cultivating Personal, Social, Environmental, and Economic Health through Organic Agriculture."
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