10/09/2010 09:19

Almost every client that comes into my clinic asks me the same question. "So why did you choose to become a hypnotherapist?"

Being a hypnotherapist certainly is a somewhat obscure and interesting choice for a profession.

10 years ago it I was hypnotized. It was a profound and life changing experience. I was able to heal my past issues and traumas and it transformed my point of view on life. After my sessions were completed, there was this thought in my mind. "This is what I want to do with my life" I wanted to share with others the profound change that can occur with this powerful modality.

And that is what I did. Everyday I work with people is truly a wonderful experience. To be allowed into anothers life to help guide them to make change is the most fulfilling career I could ever imagine.

And for that, I am truly grateful.

08/09/2010 22:05

Now available in the MP3 store

Only $10 USD Instant MP3 Download



Welcome to your Journey into maximizing and harnessing the power of your mind. In this hypnosis audio program you will experience a journey that will enable you to connect to a quiet place within you. It is within this quiet place that personal transformation occurs.

Residing deep within you is your inner child. Sometimes this part of us can be alone, scared, sad or anger. Traumas that occured as a child that left unhealed can manifest later in our life as negative patterns of behaviour and emotion.

This program is a process that has been designed to help you connect with and heal this part of you. You will learn to develop self-love and through this new found love your prepective on the yourself will change and transform. This will enable you to function more fully in your life. With this new alignment comes great strength and happiness.

If you are ready to heal the past, and move forward, this program can help you do so.

08/09/2010 11:09

Are you feeling energetically drained? Do you feel out of alignment with yourself? Do you wish you could instantly recharge your energy?

This mp3 program is designed to balance, purify and re-align your energy centres. Your 7 chakras.

Chakra is sankrit for "wheel". Chakras are gateways that allow energy transfer from the universe into the human body. You have 7 chakras within your body and when these centres are activated, energy flows smoothing, increasing the quality of life.

In this program you will learn to balance each chakra and it's purpose.

Sacred sounds, harmonics and binaural beats provide ambience which help to syncronize the hemispheres of the brain and initiate healing leaving you refreshed, renewed and ready to take on life with an enlightened perspective.

The program can be purchased by clicking here

Music by Hypnotic Transcapes

05/09/2010 13:46

Are you carrying negative emotions towards someone who caused pain and suffering in your life? Is this old emotion affecting your current relationships or level of happiness? Do you want to forgive someone but don't know how to do it?

This program is designed to help you release the anger and resentment towards others so you can take back control of your life, and yourself.

Imagine yourself being free, being able to think about the past with a new awareness and lightness. Imagine being able to attract healthy, loving relationships into your life!

Gentle words of encouragement along with emotional release and healing techniques will enable you to close the book on the past and create a new, healthy outlook for the future.

Click the link below for a sample and to purchase

04/09/2010 08:43

September has been a busy month in the clinic so far. And things are only getting busier.

I have been hard at work creating 4 new hypnotherapy audio programs which will be available this weekend.

Here is a list of the programs and there applications.

1. Healing the Inner Child-When we heal the part of us that is the inner child, by grieving the wounds that we suffered, we can change our behavior patterns and clear our emotional processes. We can release any old anger, shame, guilt, fear and pain from this place that resides within us. When we mend the emotional wounds from the past we move forward into a life of happiness and peace. In this program you will learn to rescue, nurture and most importantly, love this part of you. When you learn to own and honor the child that you were, you learn to love the person that you ARE.

2. Forgiveness-The Path Of Healing and Peace-When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge. Only by embracing forgiveness can you heal and move forward. If you don't learn to forgive someone, it may be you who suffers the most. Forgiveness is the decision to let go of resentment and hurt.  Forgiveness can lead to feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you. In this program you will learn the forgiveness technique that will enable you to release and let go of old emotions and move forward into a life of peace.

3.Do It Today-Overcoming Procrastination-Tired of putting things off till tomorrow only to put them off till tomorrow? Does your "to do" list seem to get longer and longer and nothing on it seems to get done? This program will teach you simple, yet effective techniques for overcoming procrastination once and for all so you can get things done!

4.Chakra Balancing-Alignment Of Self-Are you feeling discombobulated? Off centred? Tired? By balancing your chakras you will connect with a quiet place that is deep within you where transformation and healing occur. Chakra is sanskrit meaning wheel of light. If you have taken yoga before you understand the chakras. Our bodies have 7 chakras or energy centres. When we balance these 7 energy centres things flow much easier within our lives. This program will teach you how to balance your chakras so you experience a renewal of energy.

02/09/2010 08:56

Dr. Oz has promoted hypnosis on Oprah a few times now. Once for past life regression and once for weight loss. It is great that a Doctor in the media is showing the world just how powerful this tool can be. Dr. Oz says that hypnosis does work and can be an effective tool to help people lose weight and keep it off.

30/08/2010 21:26

I have moved into the web 2.0 world of appointment setting. I found the best way to keep in contact with my clients is to have a tool available 24 hours a day where YOU can choose what time works best for your appointment. This gives you the convenience of setting an appointment with me whether or not my office is open. You'll find a appointment button on my websites homepage. Feel free to give it a try.

27/08/2010 12:42

Negative thoughts can be like weeds in a garden. Weeds choke out the growth of flowers preventing them to flourish. When negative thoughts are present it affects our ability to have positive life experiences. Negative thinking can cause people to always see the worst side of a situation, cause one to lose hope, complain about life or oneself and limit new horizions and creativity.

An easy method of quelling negativity is to begin talking to yourself as you would a dear friend. It takes some practice at first but it gets easier the more that you do it. Become your own cheerleader. Tell yourself that you "can do it" and that "I can overcome this".

Instead of putting yourself down, start to lift yourself up. By rewriting and re-scripting negative self talk to positive self talk life can be much easier.

24/08/2010 10:28

Are you a wellness practitioner or someone with an inspiring story to share? I am looking for contributors for a new online magazine. If you are interested please email me at

20/08/2010 11:19

Here is an article about virtual gastric band for weight loss using hypnosis. I use a similar technique with my weight loss clients.

Gastric bands are installed around the stomach via surgery around the upper part of the stomach. It mimics the sensation of being full after only 1/2 cup of food is eatten so people don't stuff themselves.

Hypnosis can accomplish similar results with virtual gastric band hypnosis.

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