Custom Hypnosis Packages

3 Sessions + MP3 Programs $425

5 Sessions + MP3 Programs $575

10 Sessions + MP3 Programs $1050

All packages are subject to HST

Custom hypnosis packages can be created to meet your individual needs. During your consultation we discuss what you would like to accomplish and how we will structure our sessions together. Some clients choose to work on multipule areas focusing each session on a different change they would like to make. Others choose to work through one specific presenting problem. Working together we come up with the appropriate strategy that will enable you to succeed.

I have many hypnosis recordings in MP3 format (cd's can be given upon request) and these programs are included with each package. My experience has shown that MP3 programs increase client success rates. As they are recorded by me, each program works as an extention of what we do together in the clinic. Should it be discovered that your presenting problem is one that I do not have a recording for, I will create one for you at no extra charge.

You receive hypnosis MP3 programs to help you in your progress and to ensure your success!

We select your programs together based on what you desire to change.