16/04/2010 08:17

H20. We all need it. It helps our body to function properly! We can only go 3 days without it!

Research has shown that 2/3rds of the population doesn't get enough water. There are many that walk around in a state of chronic dehydration!

We only have one signal to put something in our mouth. Many people mistake thrist for hunger! So by making sure you carry a bottle of water with you and keep drinking it you will know when you are truly hungry.

Our bodies are designed to run efficiently on water. Not on soda pop, coffee or alcohol. Juice is also a big culprit that people drink way too much of!

So be good to your body and make sure you give it enough water! Your body and mind with function at their optimum levels and you will feel much better!

15/04/2010 07:15

If you need to take some time to relax, give yourself 10 minutes of pure relaxation. You can download my free hypnosis mp3 by clicking on the MP3 store above!

14/04/2010 10:52

Last year I came across and interesting audio technology that allows deep states of meditation and states of expanded consciousness.


It simply has to be experienced to be believed. Hemi Sync is now used within the sessions that I do with clients. Using specially designed audio frequencies it helps the mind to enter into deep hypnosis / meditation at the push of a button.


You can find out more about hemi-sync at

14/04/2010 09:06

I was out taking some pictures of lovely flowers in the park across from me. Yes, spring has finally arrived in Toronto.

With summer just around the bend many people are heading back to the gym striving to get back into shape for summer.

Hypnosis and NLP can make letting go of weight so much easier. They allow new patterns of behaviour to be created within the subconscious mind.

The weight loss program that I created for the clinic works wonders for people who want to let go of 5 or 50 pounds.

In the sessions we work together using hypnosis to set goals for weight loss, remove cravings for certain foods, develop a better relationship with food, increase excercise, develop a better self image and release any blocks that may be standing in the way of success.

If you are ready to let go of weight, come in for a free consultation to see if hypnosis is right for you!


13/04/2010 08:50

I had a telephone with the globe and mail on Friday regarding a new social website I am using to promote my business. Check it out here is an interesting website that I am using to promote my hypnosis MP3's and my freelance photography. Basically the site allows you to get interesting, and yes, sometimes strange things for $5. Check our fiverr here

12/04/2010 12:34

12/04/2010 11:05

If you are looking for an excellent organic and local grocery store in Toronto, check out Karma Co-op Located on Palmerstone Avenue. Their produce is local when possible and they have an excellent assortment of fresh organic produce, bulk and health related foods as well as eco friendly soaps, personal care and home care products.


My Friend Juancho gives Karma Co-op a thumbs up. Check out that fresh produce!

12/04/2010 10:55

One love vegetarian restaurant is a gem of a place. Their food is made with much love indeed. Located at 854 Bathhurst Street just across from Bathhurst subway station it is a take out restaurant but they do have a few seats. I visited them just last week and had the Corn Soup and pumpkin soup which was simply amazing. I only had the small, you can be rest assured I will be getting the LARGE one next time.


I also had the Tofu BBQ stir fry which was served with veggies and plantain. Equally delish. I will most certainly be back. The owner is super friendly and you can tell that they love what they do. Highly recommended!

08/04/2010 09:15

If you are interested in increasing your confidence to improve your life, this workshop is for you.
The workshop will run May 1st 2010 from 9am to 5pm.
Please check it out under the workshops header.

If you would like to enroll, contact me directly.

29/03/2010 15:08

NLP Teaches us about the methods of input to our brains. Some people are more visual, some more auditory and others kinesthetic.


People usual have one that is very strong with a sub modality to follow. Some people are primarily visual with their sub modality being auditory. Others are kinesthetic with a sub modality of being auditory.


There are wonderful ways that you can acheive a heightened awareness of these inputs. A visual person can listen to music by closing their eyes and tuning into the music to focus on listening to it. A kinesthetic person can take up photography to help heighten their visual ability and an auditory person can take up dancing or physical activity to become more in tune with their body and feeling.


So try something new to develop greater awareness. Do something that might be a little out of the ordinary for you. It is a fun experience and it can have many rewards!

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