Alchemy Of Spirit-Accessing Your Inner Healer



ALCHEMY-Any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, into a substance of greater value.

For the first time ever, two masters of the metaphysical arts are bringing together their expertise and experience to produce the most powerful at-your-home healing product.

Combining the power of your own inner healer with the transmuted energy of Reiki to form the most powerful healing modality. And its all yours!


Georgina Cannon renowned metaphysical hypnosis teacher and author will guide you to connect with your own inner healer, and Donald Currie, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer, will bring the universal power of Reiki into your home, so that you  may combine these two ancient energies to heal mind, emotions, body and spirit.


If you have tried everything, allopathic, naturopathic, therapy or Reiki alone, be prepared for the power of Alchemy of Spirit.  The combination of your own ancient spiritual healer, plus that of the ancient art and science of Reiki - in one session - in one place - your home - makes this a first ever brand new protocol.  


After just one session you will immediately feel different. And if you use the Alchemy of Spirit every day for at least 21 days you will notice that the healing continues, night and day, until the change happens - from a deep cellular level of the body, all the way through to your energy field.


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What people are saying 
"Be supported in your personal growth journey utilizing both self-hypnosis and reiki energy for your highest good and greatest wellness. Be caressed by these two voices saturated in professional knowledge, experience and integrity.  Be surrounded by music that transforms, expands and uplifts  you at all levels. This masterful work is a gift to us all for transforming ourselves into our greatest success and happiness in living." Taylor Jane Green
"Georgina and Donald have taken two modalities, each powerful on their own, and have fused and united them amplifying their effectiveness. I found the process wonderfully relaxing, energizing and healing. Georgina and Donald's voices are well suited to guided meditation. Two of the most relaxing voices I have ever listened to!" Heather Goodman