Improving Your Performance


This package is designed specifically for those in the performing or creative arts. If you are an actor or actress, imagine yourself being able to access emotional states with ease to really hit your perforamce home. Musicians, how would you like to remain more focused and in the moment when playing, removing any analytical mental critique of your performance?


Artists and creative writers, is there a block that is causing you to stare at a blank canvas or at your computer screen?


Imagine moving though that block with ease to connect to your inner source to get your creative juices flowing again!


Dancers, would you like to make leaps in your mental performance to improve your physical performance!


Using hypnosis and NLP you will learn to:

  •                 Access various states of consciousness easily, at any time you choose
  •                 How to remain calm and focused when performing
  •                 To release any blocks that stand in your way of total success
  •                 Strengthen the creative part of your mind
  •                 And much more

Includes these hypnosis MP3 programs

And many more...