Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

The essence of Relational Somatic Psychotherapy lies in the integration of body, mind, and spirit and integrates multiple schools of psychological thought.  All are utilized as a means to more fully explore the structure and function of the self, and the relationship between self and other. The variety speaks to the complexity of the human experience and the multitude of paths that can facilitate integration and self-actualization. 


The work draws from the following modalities, theories, and disciplines:


Attachment theory


Somatic psychology

Mindfulness-based practices


Depth Psychology

Object Relations



Character Analysis


All of this is woven into an integrated process of support, exploration, discovery and, the embodiment of the lived experience with ourselves and others.  


What is a therapy session like?


A safe environment is provided that supports your process and emotional healing. I listen to your concerns as I ask questions that allow you to express your personal stories. We begin to explore your story and find connections as to what may be causing the current problems and concerns. We begin to explore your bodies emotions through awareness and movements that will help to guide you in discovering your deeper truths.


A session consists of 


-talking about core issues that you are experiencing and reprocessing and reintegrating dysfunctional belief systems

-Developing greater somatic (body) awareness and developing a deeper understanding of the wisdom of your body through somatic exercises

-Building and installing positive resources that will support better emotional health and relational functioning

-Stabilizing your emotional states and developing tools for better self-care and self-nurturing

-Reprocessing traumatic memories or experiences 

-Building a stronger sense of self and a more grounded sense of embodiment