Energy Release Practitioner Training

July 18, 19, 20th 2014 $900.00 plus HST 
  Learn how to safely, ethically and effectively work with clients to help them release energies so they can align themselves with new vital life force energy. Everything is made up of energy and throughout our lifetime(s) we can pick up energy that can make us feel tired, drained and lethargic.
  Energy release work allows for the gentle release of these subtle energies so that the clients energy system returns to a state of homeostatic balance.
  In this course you will learn how to:
  • Safely, effectively and ethically perform energy release work with your clients
  • Scan each chakra and the energy system of the body for energies that need to be released
  • Identify and work with different energy blockages
  • Work with different healing energies to help restore your clients energy systems
  • Use your intuition more effectively when working with clients
  • To protect, ground and clear yourself before, during and after a session
  • Meditations that will help to balance, clear and realign the energy systems and chakras
  • And much more....