Exploring The Interlife

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Some call it Bardo, others the blue mist. It is the space between your current lifetime and the one before. The time between death and re-entering the womb for another life. But what happens within this time-space? 
 What do you learn, or more importantly, what do you need to learn from that time?
 Many people who have been through near-death experiences (NDE'S) find that they follow similar patterns and there are many documents visions, experiences and, recollections of what occurs during those times. Meeting a soul group, uncovering learning processes, visiting a council and uncovering life purpose can be a part of these experiences.
  Life between lives work is a journey to this time-space between lives, the interlife. Many times this extraordinary process brings about radical change into the lives of those who experience it enabling individuals to let go of anger, memories that are no longer serving them and/or fear so they can begin living their life to the fullest. This journey of self-discovery will allow you to uncover and discover the mystery of your soul and spirit.

During your session you will experience:

  • A safely, ethically and effectively guided LBL journey
  • Tapping into healing energy that will assist you current life journey
  • Connecting with your higher consciousness/higher self
  • Understanding your soul contracts/karma/life lessons
  • Uncovering and discovering your current life's purpose
  • Meeting your soul group/council
  • A unique debriefing that will enable you to synthesize what you learn during your journey and ground it in reality so that you may facilitate a radical change in your life