Waiting List Registration

Please note: My practice is currently at full capacity. You may add your name to the waiting list below. Once a client space becomes available you will receive notification via email and/or telephone.

If you would like to work with someone more immediately, please connect with the individuals below. 

If you are interested in hypnosis and psychotherapy please visit Charlotte Brammer at www.livingclarity.ca, Laurie Weinberg at www.innershift.net or Ayan Mukherjee at www.ayanrp.com.

For Psychotherapy, EMDR or Sensorimotor Psychotherapy please visit www.healingtherapyalliance.com

Practitioners at Healing Therapy Alliance

Gina Miranda, RP - Psychotherapy, EMDR, Sensorimotor

David Scammell, RP - Psychotherapy, EMDR, Sensorimotor

Jillian Hosey, MSW, RSW - EMDR, Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor 

Client slots become available when a client has finished treatment. Due to a high number of clients on the waiting list, I cannot guarantee the length of time it will take for a client space to become available.

Once a client space becomes available, you will be contacted via email and telephone to set up your free consultation and assessment. Once you are scheduled for your free consultation, you will receive the intake form and consent forms via email. Please ensure that these are completed prior to your free consultation.

During your free consultation, we will talk about your current presenting problems that you would like to address and change through therapy. I will ask you questions to gain clarity and insight into your experience. We will discuss how hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and NLP can help you to reach your desired goals and you can ask me any questions that you have. If we decide to work together, we will discuss your treatment plan, cost and how we will proceed.


Waiting List Registration

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