Metaphysical Hypnosis

  Metaphysical hypnosis sessions will allow you to connect to you higher self, your soul, to bring forth healing, wisdom and understanding in your life. There are many avenues that can be explored with metaphysical hypnosis.


Metaphysical work can help you to:


  •                    Remove and clear unwanted energies from your auric feild
  •                    Connect to your higher self to receive guidance on a current situation
  •                    Connect to your spirit guides
  •                    Connect to your master healer to establish more balance in your life
  •                    Strengthen your aura to prevent negative energies from entering
  •                    Increase and attune your intuition
  •                    Connect to the universal healing energy
  •                    Uncover the akashic records. The book of the soul.
  •                    And Much More...