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The ancient healing art of hypnosis mixed with modern technology (binaural beats) will help you experience deep, restorative sleep. This program is designed for individuals that have difficulty falling asleep, wake up through the night or fail to achieve a deep and restful sleep.


Specifically designed audio frequencies (Binaural beats), hypnosis and sounds of nature gradually put you to sleep...and help you stay there. Release the tension of the day, calm an active mind and rebuild normal sleeping patterns.


The first track discusses results-based actions you can take to improve your sleeping habits and behaviors. Track two guides you from a waking conscious state to a deep level of sleep. The sounds in this production have been arranged to quiet the mind!

You will find yourself drifting into sleep much quicker, easier and deeper than ever before. 


Donald Currie is a Registered Psychotherapist, Master Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, author, and producer of hypnosis products with more than 11 years of experience in the field of mind-body healing.