How Hypnosis Certification Can Benefit Life Coaches


Life coaches help their clients to get the most out of life. They help their clients with business success, life transitions, relationships and personal projects. They help to offer support and encouragement while suggesting new ways for you to achieve your goals. Hypnosis can help to increase the effectiveness of life coaching by allowing work to be done not only from a conscious level, but also from a subconscious level. Hypnosis training contains a powerful set of tools that are an asset to any life coach.


  • The Basic assessment component of hypnosis can help a life coach to empower their clients to uncover and understand the programs and patterns that have been keeping them stuck.
  • Goal setting allows the life coach to work with the client to develop strategies that will work for them.
  • Hypnosis allows the life coach to install new patterns of thought and behaviors into the subconscious mind of their client.

By using powerful hypnosis techniques the life coach can assist the client to bring about inner transformation that leads to permanent change. After receiving hypnosis certification a life coach can work to empower their clients by enabling them to connect to the deepest recesses of their minds, allowing them to make changes, access their inner self and uncover their true intentional and capacities.