Centering & Grounding

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When we feel triggered, it can be very unsettling. And it can be challenging to move back to a state of calm. Centering and grounding skills train your mind and body to return to a state of calm. You receive three recordings in this package. An introduction recording which explains the tools, the calm place technique, and the congruent breathing technique. Learning these tools can help you to self-soothe, manage the feelings of being overwhelmed and to stay within your window of tolerance. These tools can be particularly helpful when you are engaged in the process of psychotherapy.
This program utilizes relaxation and focused attention to assist you in becoming more calm and relaxed. Your brain processes sensory information in a bottom-up direction. Bodily sensations travel to the brain stem, into the sensory-emotional areas of the brain to the frontal cortex or thinking brain. 
Have you noticed that when you feel negative, you think negatively? But when you try to control your feelings with your thoughts it works temporarily or minimally? This is because sensory-emotional information flows upwards, not downwards. This is the reason that positive thinking doesn't always work when your feeling anxious or stressed. It's a top-down strategy and against the flow. By centering and grounding it changes this type of sensory information entering the brain. 
In the calm place exercise, you will learn how to center and ground by using guided imagery to relax the mind and body.
The congruent breathing exercise will teach you how to use the power of your breath to self-sooth and regulate emotions.
If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, dissociative disorders or psychosis you should not use this program without professional supervision.