Stop Smoking-Stop For Life Program

3 Sessions Plus Stop For Life MP3 System

(This is recommended for light smokers)

5 sessions + Stop For Life MP3 System

(This is recommend for heavy smokers)

Stop smoking successfully for life! In just 3 weeks you can go from the amount you’re smoking now to being smoke-free.


Imagine how it will feel to take in several deep lungfuls of fresh, clean air…What it will be like to sit in a movie theatre or concert hall without having to think of the next cigarette...


No more standing outside the office building in sub-zero temperatures - or sweltering humidity. And you will finally be free of any guilt or worry about exposing the rest of your family to second-hand smoke or that your child will pick up the habit.


Isn’t it about time to make some changes and begin to live a smoke free life?


This systematic process has an extremely high client success rate!


The sessions are structured as follows.


Week one-You’ll reduce the number of cigarettes you’re smoking right now by half. You’ll begin to develop new behaviours around your smoking habit that will change the way you see cigarettes. We establish a “stop date” and uncover all the benefits you’ll enjoy once you’re a non-smoker.


Week two-Once again, you’ll reduce the amount you smoke. Even better, you’ll create an aversion to cigarettes! We use hypnosis to establish a bridge of communication with the body, which allows it to become aware of its new goal: to become smoke-free.


Week three-Stopping completely. We use regression to change your original decision to smoke which removes the habit. We anchor your smoke-free future in the mind using positive imagery… and we do some healing work to speed up the process of completely removing nicotine and tar from your lungs.


You will also receive the complete Stop For Life System which includes 10 MP3 programs and an ebook.

A $79 dollar value. Yours free with the purchase of this package.


Find out why so many people have chosen hypnosis to finally kick the habit once and for all! Your body will thank you!


Includes these hypnosis mp3 programs

And many more...