How Hypnosis Certification Can Benefit Psychotherapists

Psychotherapy is an interactive process that includes many methods and techniques to help people deal with issues that are preventing them from living fully. Many psychotherapists choose to add hypnosis to their list of tools and interventions as it can help to increase the effectiveness of their work.


Hypnosis tools that can benefit the psychotherapist include:


  • Age regression-allows the psychotherapist to lead the client back to the memory of the origin of a problem. This can help the client to release the root cause of the problem.
  • Inner child work-allows the psychotherapist to guide the client in connecting with and healing the inner child.
  • Reframing-allows the client to look at memories through a different lens or frame with more knowledge and wisdom
  • Parts work-allows the psychotherapist to guide the client in understanding and working with subconscious parts that are keeping them stuck
  • and much more.

Hypnosis allows the psychotherapist to work in deeper dimensions of the mind by accessing the subconscious directly. The marriage of the conscious psychotherapy work with the subconscious work using hypnosis increases the effectiveness of the work and keeps the client moving forward into change.