NEW - Healing Your Inner Child Meditation

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An Entirely New Inner Child Program!

Working with your inner child can allow you to reconnect with this part of you to bring greater joy, peace, and happiness into your life. You can learn how to be in the present moment in an entirely new way. It is possible to re-connect with the playful exuberance, energetic enthusiasm, childlike curiosity, creativity and optimism of the inner child. Healing the inner child also assists in changing feelings, thoughts, habits, and behaviors. When you nurture the inner child, it can develop more security, and it is possible that past experiences will no longer subconsciously reflect in your current life experiences.
This process is referred to as reparenting. Meeting your inner child and tending to their needs in a way that they didn't receive in childhood. The unmet needs of the inner child may be support, connection, affection, affirmation, positivity, guidance and a feeling of safety. The act of reparenting can be as simple as letting your child know that you are there to support it. 
This meditation program focuses on building a feeling of calm and security for your inner child as well as developing the ability to nurture this innermost part. 
The introduction track will explain the process of the meditation. Next, you will experience a gentle journey that takes you to a calm place to establish and connect with a feeling of relaxation and security that you can return to if needed. The third track will allow you to take a journey inwards to meet and work with your inner child and will provide instructions at the end of the track on how to synthesize and integrate the experience.
Self-talk, self-care and self-nurturing skills can be learned and developed. Working together we assist you in developing these tools which can then be used on a daily basis to create a calmer and more secure experience in the present moment.
Track Listing
1. Introduction to Healing Your Inner Child Meditation
2. Calm Place Meditation
3. Healing Your Inner Child Meditation
Total Program Time Approximately 47 Minutes