Overcoming the Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

  The fear of flying can be very limiting. It can prevent you from getting onto airplanes and going where you desire. It can be particularly limiting if you have to travel for business because flying is becoming a vitally important part of many job descriptions. It can also prevent you from experiencing places that you have wanted to visit.

  The fear of flying is more common that you may think. Many people feel a little bit nervous when flying in a plane. But when a little bit of nervousness turns into a lot of anxiety and fear it can prevent you from stepping foot on an airplane. Thankfully, the fear of flying can be overcome. By changing your thinking about flying through hypnosis you can become more calm and relaxed.

  There are many tools that can be used while in hypnosis to help someone overcome the fear of flying.


  Systematic desensitization is frequently used as a means of overcoming fear. It allows a person to gradually become more comfortable with the fear of flying by taking them through the fear, step by step within their own mind. It allows people to become conditioned to fly with greater ease. Before entering into the state of hypnosis, the client working together with the hypnotist or hypnotherapist begin by creating a hierarchy of fear. These are 10 steps in the hierarchy. Each step is an imagined scenario that is experienced around the fear. This scale is used while in hypnosis to have the client imagine these scenarios. The advantage to using systematic desensitization within the hypnotheraputic framework is that the client can have more control over the imagined scenes. A safe place is also created so the client can bring themselves into a safe feeling whenever they choose. The client is in complete control through the process. When the client reaches the last step (the most invoking fear) and successfully accomplishes it the process is complete. It has proven to be both a safe and effective way to release the fear of flying.


  Regression is also used as it can help a person to uncover the root cause of the fear. It also allows the person to release the root cause within the subconscious mind. As everything has a beginning or start point, regression is a powerful way to explore, overcome and reframe the fear of flying in a safe and comfortable way.