Stop For Life-Smoking Cessation System 

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This 21-day program gives you all of the tools that you need to stop smoking.

You receive 10 masterfully crafted MP3 programs and an ebook to guide in the process of making the best change that you can make in your life. 

This step-by-step process is easy to follow, understand and implement. Understand more about your smoking habit and tools to effectively stop for life. 

Each week you systematically reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke making it more gentle than stopping cold turkey.

Learn powerful hypnosis techniques that enable you to cut out cravings, reconnect with your willpower and think differently about cigarettes. The best part is, you can listen to them on your smartphone or iPod.                              

It's like having a hypnotist with you anywhere!

You receive 10 mp3 programs containing leading edge, modern hypnosis techniques, and an ebook to enable your success

  • Introduction to the hypnotic state
  • Introduction to the hypnotic state for analytical minds
  • Introduction-The Stop For Life Protocol
  • Smoking Cessation Week 1 Protocol
  • Smoking Cessation Week 2 Protocol
  • Smoking Cessation Week 3 Protocol
  • Parts Therapy for Smoking Cessation
  • Aversion Therapy for Smoking Cessation
  • The 5 Minute Craving Removal Technique
  • Reconfirming Your Decision For a Smoke-Free Life
  • Ebook with Effective Goal Setting and Self Reflection Exercises