Changing Belief Systems

Changing your self-belief systems


  Through out life you begin to form self-belief systems. Your parents, friends, teachers, authority figures and anyone you communicate with can judge you based on your social standing, education, economic class, religion, gender and sexual orientation.


  These judgements and words can begin to affect your thinking, if you accept them to be true. If these are reinforced they can program your subconscious mind with beliefs and opinions about yourself.

  At your core you are sensitive to what others say about you. When others say hurtful or negative things you can absorb them like a sponge. Its easy to pick up other peoples negatively charged junk and then carry it through life.

  Its not even necessarily words that are spoken to you. Gestures and body movement tend to be windows of what someone is really thinking and feeling about you. And your subconscious mind can pick up on subtle meanings within others body movements and the way they carry themselves. Even if lips lie, the body always tells the truth. So if you get a sense that someone or a group perceives you in a particular way, this can also lead to negative self-belief.

  This all adds up to a self image of who you think you are. All that you believe to be true about yourself.

  You may have been given labels such as rich, poor, smart, stupid, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, not good enough, a success, a failure etc. If you hear these things and chose to believe them, eventually you can think that they are true. These beliefs can move you away from your own personal power.

  When you begin to wake up and realize that you can release these words and judgment from the past, you can begin to create a new life for yourself. A new future of possibility.

  Words have the power to harm or to heal. And when others have past judgment upon you and said things that were hurtful, its about finding the right words that will heal you.

  The first step is to become aware of the undesired self-belief systems that you carry around with you on a daily basis. There might be wonderful beliefs that you have about yourself. But chances are there is at least one negative self-belief that prevents you from moving forward in your life.

Below is a simple exercise to help you become aware of and begin to change negative beliefs on your own:

Get out a piece of paper.

Write out what you believe to be true about yourself, both positive and negative.

Looking at each self-belief, write down how each one makes you feel.

How does each of these self-beliefs affect your life?

Who would you be without these negative beliefs?

Think about times and places where the negative beliefs are NOT true.

Write out an affirmations that you can give yourself that will replace the negative self-belief. What words will heal the hurt?

Example: I am good enough, I am smart, I am kind etc.

Repeat your affirmations out loud in the morning when you wake up, or anytime that you need to give yourself greater strength.

The real truth is that you are made up of many parts. We all have the potential to be smart, beautiful and successful. Just like we can all make mistakes, be lazy or a failure at times.

When you decided to choose differently for yourself you can learn from these occurrences and embrace that which is good instead. It's all choice!

You can take all the negative self-beliefs and file them under “junk”!