A new year...it's time for some resolutions on a global scale

07/01/2009 06:41

2009 marks a turning point for me. Others around the globe are also feeling this pull towards an evolving consciousness. 2009 is about change at both the macro(big) and micro(small) levels. To aline my business with the emerging global market place, there are some changes that needed to be made. I am stepping up to the plate to integrate these changes into my business practices because I believe they will make a difference.

The first of these changes was upgrading my clinic space to bull frog power which is a renewable energy provider. So now the clinic will be powered by sustainable energy sources providing cleaner energy. (I welcome this new positive energy with a smile)

The second change is the integration of the business ethics pledge from www.business-ethics-pledge.org to ensure my services are provided with honesty, integrity and quality.

The next change is the endorsement of the earth charter www.earthcharterinaction.org. I believe that everyone should read it and decide if they would like to upgrade their standards to live by the charter. The charter can be put to work both in personal and business life. Throughout 2009 I will be doing my very best to integrate this charter within my businesses framework.

And lastly I have become a part of humanity's team. People working with people helping one another so we can move forward together and no one will be left behind. I recommend checking out their website and signing up if you are interested. It's free to sign up so what are you waiting for? www.humanitysteam.org

2009 is going to be a year of incredible changes if we all take the initiative. I have stepped up to the plate and am making these changes. I encourage you to do the same....So here is the challenge.

I am challenging you to make one micro change in your personal life and one macro change that will affect either the planet or humanity as a whole within the next month.

Here are some ideas for micro and macro changes

Micro changes

stopping smoking

losing weight

adopting a more healthy lifestyle

improving relationships and connections with others

taking a course that will further your career or personal evolution

Macro Changes

Upgrading your home to a renewable energy provider

Reducing the amount of waste you produce by recycling

Purchasing fair trade or sustainable produce

Volunteering one hour a week or month at a worthy cause


All of these changes can affect the quality of life for you and others on the planet. When we make changes it sends a ripple of hope and positivity though the universe. The more steps we take towards a better way of living, the more joy we will all experience as a whole. I wish you a very abundant 2009!