5 tips to slim down for summer

27/05/2010 07:34

Sometimes people leave working out until a few weeks before summer. When the hot weather hits, so does a realization that perhaps a few pounds that were put on during the winter months can no longer be concealed under warm clothing!


These 5 and easy tips can help you to let go of those few pounds before the start of summer on June 22.


1. Increase your physical activity. If you usually take a car or transit to work, consider riding your bike instead or walk. Doing this everyday is a great way to add physical activity to your daily routine.


2. Eat your vegetables and fruits! Consuming raw fruits and vegetables in their raw state is excellent for letting go of weight. Raw fruits and vegetables also fill you up and provide your body with nutrients.


3. Set a goal. If you want to let go of 10 pounds by June 30 set it as a goal. Ask yourself what you need to do to accomplish the goal. People who set goals for themselves are more likely to accomplish what they set out to do.


4. Limit the amount of alcohol that you consume. Alcohol is a major culprit in weight. It slows down the bodies ability to burn fat and is very high in calories. Mixed drinks, Martinis and bottled coolers are all very high in sugar as well. If you must have a drink, have a vodka and soda with a twist of lime which is the best, lowest calorie choice. Limit your drink intake to no more than 2 drinks.


5. Drink only water! Many people consume what is known as "unconscious calories" that coffee with sugar in the morning, the juice or pop with lunch etc. By drinking only water each day you will reduce the amount of calories you are consuming which can help when slimming down and letting go of weight.