Are you born with the power to hypnotize?

22/10/2009 09:49

This is a common question I am asked. Are you born with the power to hypnotize? The answer is no! It's not something you are born with and anyone could learn how to hypnotize someone in about an hour. However it takes a lifetime of practice and learning to learn what to do with someone while they are in hypnosis to get them to make change. In face, all hypnosis is SELF-hypnosis. So in reality it's people themselves who are their own hypnotists, I am merely a guide helping them to find their own answers. At my practice in Toronto, Ontario, I actually teach my clients self-hypnosis so they can hypnotize themselves in between our sessions. Once people learn that it is them who is hypnotizing themselves, it allows them to have more willpower and self control in their lives.