Auto-Suggestion - A Simple Self-Hypnosis Technique

01/10/2018 23:27

Auto-suggestion is very simple, yet effective self-hypnosis tool that is similar to affirmations. Auto-suggestion is a technique that can be done out of hypnosis.


The purpose of auto-suggestion is to refocus your thinking and to reprogram your subconscious through repetition.


The auto-suggestion process is as follows:


You place both of your hands on your lap. (one hand on each leg)

You repeat your goal out loud while pressing down on each of your legs with each finger until you have reached a repetition of 10.


Example “On July 1st, 2019, I am confident in my ability to speak in public ” press down with index finger upon the leg “On July 1st, 2019, I am confident in my ability to speak in public.” press down with the second finger upon the leg...(keep pressing down with each finger after each repetition until 10 repetitions have been reached)


The benefits to auto-suggestion are that it can be done while stuck in traffic, while on the subway or anywhere else where you are unable to go into a state of hypnosis.


The mind learns through repetition and through repeated use of auto-suggestion, the suggestion is installed with the subconscious mind. The more that you practice auto-suggestion the more effective that it will become.



Practicing auto-suggestion can be an effective way of keeping the mind focused on your goals and planting new thought seeds within the subconscious mind.