Benefits of daily self hypnosis and a simple self hypnosis technique for you

02/06/2010 13:06

When used daily, self hypnosis can help you to achieve remarkable things. It's relaxing, helps you to focus and reach your goals much easier.


While self hypnosis is similar to meditation there is a difference.

Meditation is the practice of clearing ones mind of all thought. Self hypnosis is the practice of using the power of your mind to refocus your awareness on a goal or change that you would like to make.


Here is a simple self hypnosis technique that you can use to help you make the changes you desire.


Step 1-Find a place where you won't be disturbed for 10 minutes.

Step 2-Focus your attention on the space in front of you and count downwards from 10-1. Allow your eyelids to get heavier and heavier with every number.

Step 3-When you reach the count of 1 close your eyes and begin to breath deeply.

Step 5-Imagine in front of you a movie screen with an image of yourself living exactly as you want. Notice what you look like, feel like and sound like. Notice the colour, vibration and energy of the image.

Step 6-Imagine stepping into the image. Imagine that like a computer installing a new program, your mind, body and energy absorb this new image of you.

Step 7-Enjoy being in this image for a few minutes allowing yourself to feel it fully

Step 8- Count yourself out of hypnosis by counting from 1-10

Step 9-When you reach the count of 10 open your eyes and tell yourself you are full of energy and life

Step 10-Enjoy your day knowing that you have programmed your mind for your highest good!