Change your unwanted habits and behaviors!

02/09/2008 23:26

Changing unwanted behaviors is not an easy task. If it was, we would all be millionaires, be fit, healthy and living the good life. Our old patterns of behavior sometimes hold us back from being the best that we can be.

Our subconscious mind is the store house of all our patterns of behavior. Good or bad. How many times do people say to themselves “I am going to go to the gym and eat healthy!” They buy a new pair of running shoes, a membership to the gym and begin to eat healthy. But a few days later they find themselves skipping the gym, buying a container of ice cream on the way home and wind up feeling like a failure. Then they say to heck with it and they are right back where they started.

Old habits die hard, they say. (Whoever ‘they’ are!) But they don’t have to. Here are some tips to help you change some of those habits that you would like to be free of. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a fast and effective way to change behaviors. Here are some tips that can make changing your behaviors and habits easier

Try something different this time-If you have tried going to the gym but find your attendance lacking, perhaps joining a sports team would be a better choice. If you are stopping smoking and have tried cold turkey, maybe reducing the amount first is a better choice. Come up with new ways to reach your goal!

Failure can be a positive thing If you use it right- Learn from past failures by looking back at those times. Make a choice to do something different in the future when a similar situation arises.

Have a game plan and stick to it- If what we are doing doesn’t work for us, we tend to go back to the old pattern of behavior. Have a game plan that included a back up plan, or even better, two! By having a back up plan available it increases our chance of success.

Go easy on yourself- Remember that you are learning to do something different. That takes time. Learning to type takes time, learning to read took time! Be as gentle with yourself as you were when you were learning to tie your shoe! Enjoy the experience of change because it feels good when you finally make it!