Day 5 Inside The Hypnosis Toolbox- Future Pacing

23/09/2010 08:54

Can you imagine yourself in the future, living the life that you want and desire? Can you imagine yourself being exactly as you wish to be? What would that look like, sound like and feel like? Congradulations! You've just experienced the first step in future pacing!

Future pacing is a hypnosis technique that allows you to go out into the future and experience what it would be like to be the change that you want to make. In hypnosis the mind makes this very real to the person experiencing it. There is no difference between thinking you can do something and actually going and doing it. If you think you can, you can. Future pacing allows someone to experience this so that it impacts the subconscious mind, allowing it to learn very rapidly. When someone is in hypnosis and experiencing this state of success, we also set up a trigger or anchor for them. A signal that they can give themself to bring back this wonderful imagery.