Day Three Inside The Hypnosis Toolbox-Re-Parenting

21/09/2010 05:18

Not everyone had happy a childhood and teenage years. If someone was neglected, criticized or abused during these developmental times it can lead to a lack in confidence in interpersonal relationships, inability to believe they deserve good things in life, negative emotions, fear of rejection and countless other issues.

Re-parenting allows the hypnotherapist to guide the client in healing the younger self or inner child. It allows one to become a parent to themselves.

By connecting to the inner child that resides within, the person can experience giving themselves the nurturing, affection and recognition they needed but didn't receive as a child. It also allows the adult self to give the younger self the guidance, direction and self-disipline needed to gain self-control. It  releases the pain of the past by creating a strong bond between the adult and child self to give a new sense of security, self-confidence and self worth.

It can be a profoundly moving experience and it results in a more whole, more complete person who has ownership of all parts of themselves.