Day Two Inside The Hypnosis Toolbox- Re-Framing

20/09/2010 07:39

Yesterday I discussed age regression and how hypnosis can be used to uncover the initial memory and cause of the issue. But once you are aware of the memory, what do you do to heal it?

There are many techniques that can be used to help heal a memory. One of those is re-framing.

My office is located next to a picture framing store. I see people going in with old framed pictures everyday. When they emerge they have a new updated frame and as a result, the entire picture looks different.

Much like a new frame can change the look of a picture or painting, changing our frame of a memory can change the way that it looks to us.

Re-framing is the process of looking at a memory under a different light. When you experience something at 10 years old, the memory is stored from the perspective of a 10 year old. Re-framing allows you to look at a memory and bring all of the knowledge and wisdom that you currently have available back to the memory. Much like a multifaceted jewel can be turned and looked at from many angles, so can memories.

When a new, higher perspective is established, the memory is no longer viewed in the same way. The person who may have believed that they are responsible for their parents fighting all the time when they were young might realize that as a child they did nothing wrong and there was most likely other issues taking place between their parents. The person who was bullied may realize that the other people needed to do so to feel good about themselves or that they were hurting in their own way. The person who's mother used to yell and scream may realize that her mother was treated the same way by her mother and was only acting as she was taught and actually did the best that she could being a single mother.

Once re-framing of a memory takes place, people feel lighter and free. It can be a profound way of taking back control.