Dealing with Loss

09/01/2014 13:27

Life is in a constant state of impermanence and change (thank goodness, could you imagine if everything stayed the same) and each moment of each day our entire reality is somehow different and altered from the moment that occurred previously. This natural and organic movement of the universe is what keeps us moving forward. It's what allows us to experience the fullness and wholeness of life. And somewhere within the grand experience of fullness and wholeness lies the experience of loss. Loss is experienced when you lose something or someone that was important to you.

When you experience loss it can be a very sad time. Sometimes loss "happens" to you through the death of a loved one, a relationship leaving you or losing a job. Other times loss occurs as a result of your own decisions by letting go of a relationship, moving to a new home or turning in your resignation. 

Loss can bring up feelings of sadness, anger, fear and uncertainty.

The best way to deal with loss is to allow yourself to feel. By allowing yourself to feel you can move through feelings far more rapidly. Give yourself permission to do so. By honouring your feelings and realizing that it is okay to feel them it makes the process of moving towards acceptance a much easier one.

It's important to honour what it is that you lost. If it was a relationship honouring what was learned and shared, if it was a loved one honouring their memory and if it was a home honouring all of the good times that you remember there. By honouring what it is you lost, it can enable you to let go and move forward.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help deal with loss. Later this month I will be releasing a new hypnosis program to help you deal with loss in life. Check back soon for more information.