Get your produce for cheap.......Join a food co-op

15/01/2009 09:27

I have made a decision today to join a food co-op. What the heck is a food co-op you ask?

"What’s a food co-op? It’s a store that’s owned by people who shop there. Unlike, say, Whole Foods, which is owned by shareholders who want the company’s profits to keep growing so that the value of their shares keeps going up, a food co-op’s member-owners are its customers, and are more interested in fair prices and good service than in gargantuan profit margins." states an article on MSN about food co-ops.

The food co-op I have decided to join is called Karma Food Co-op. You have to work for 2 hours a month at the store in exchange for the low prices that you pay. It is definately worth the exchange of time for better prices if you ask me.

They carry a large assortment of orgainic, fair trade and local produce as well as lots of vegetarian (rennet free) cheeses and eco friendly cleaning products. So not only do you save money by joining a co-op but you also are saving our environment.

I recommend checking out co-ops in your area. If  you are in Toronto, you can visit Karma Food Co-Op at