How hypnosis MP3's can help you to let go of weight!

15/09/2010 17:37

Using the power of the hypnosis to lose weight

 Losing weight is more than just going on a diet. When people diet and lose the weight that they want they usually return to their old patterns of behaviour around food, eat themselves back to their old weight and then hop back on the diet train again. This pattern of yo-yo, going up and down in weight, is unhealthy and hard on the physical, not to mention, the emotional bodies.

 People who are looking to lose weight, and keep it off need to develop a better relationship with food and themselves. They need to understand the reasons that they continue to overeat. Many times food is used as a tool to comfort. Many people eat to make themselves feel better at times of stress or worry. Some people even use food as a reward system. Even boredom can cause people to eat. It is important to understand what causes one to eat too much. Knowledge in this area allows better choices to be made around food.

 It is important to develop better responses to the triggers that cause eating. If stressed, going for a walk or doing yoga is better. If bored, finding a physical activity such as walking or riding a bike. There is always a better response to choose.

 Losing weight is about lifestyle change. It is about deciding once and for all to obtain a healthy weight and stay there. Letting go of the foods that are unhealthy is necessary. Chips, chocolate bars, ice cream and deep fried foods are unhealthy and as long as they are in abundance within ones diet weight loss will be difficult.

 Hypnosis is a tool that enables you to reprogram the subconscious mind with new thoughts and ideas, both about yourself and about food. It can enable you to let go of the foods that you no longer want around you and also develop a greater desire for healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. It can also help you to develop a better self-image of yourself.

 Hypnosis MP3 programs are a great way to start letting go of weight. Think yourself thin is a program I have designed to help people let go of weight. It helps you develop a better image of yourself and a better relationship with food. It can be downloaded instantly here