Hula Girl Espresso Boutique Review

09/10/2010 09:49


Attention coffee aficionados! Hula Girl Espresso Boutique is open for business. I must admit that I am a coffee lover. I have become used to the coffee from Rabba across the street which is actually country style. Very common and very boring.

I recently made a trip to Hula Girl Espresso Boutique to try their signature Kona blended coffee. I think it is safe to say that I will not be drinking anything else for a long, long time.

Located at 2473 Dundas Street West, located just a minute away from Dundas West station, the owners have got it right. From the modern decor to the eco-friendly packaging to the excellent coffee, I expect this place to be booming in no time. They have been open for a week and right now, they just carry coffee and baked goods, but the owners (who are very wonderful, good people) assured me that they will have breakfast and lunch available soon.

So how does Kona coffee taste? Incredible. I got a bag to take home with me so that I can now enjoy it on a daily basis. It is worth the trip to get a cup and buy a bag to take home with you! I recommend their coffee highly. No other coffee can really compare.