Hypnosis and NLP for Sports Enhancement

29/10/2010 16:30

Hypnosis and NLP are used by sports pro's to help they focus and stay at the top of their game. In fact, Tiger Woods had his own hypnotherapist that went on tour with him!

I have worked with many people to help them increase their performance for sports such as hockey, golf, volleyball, football and soccer.

Positive expectations yeilds positive results. Negative thoughts or doubt can affect the ability of someone when they are playing. It is important to maintain focus on the game, not worrying about missing a shot. Hypnosis and NLP allow one to get into the flow of the game.

People have reported back to me that they have scored more points, performed much better and even enjoyed the experience more as a result of treatement with hypnosis and NLP.

So if you play sports and want to reach your personal best you might want to consider using these tools to help you be your best!