Hypnosis for Public Speaking

24/10/2009 14:07

If you have ever had to speak to a large group of people, chances are you felt some sort of emotion before hand. Sometimes it can be a feeling of excitement, sometimes butterflies in the stomach, but for some people the feeling can be one of total terror! People can play out worst case scenarios leading up to the speech in their mind and even have nightmares about it. A relaxed and focused mind enables a much smoother speech. When you let go of the fear surrounding public speaking it can even be fun! Hypnosis and NLP have sets of wonderful tools that enable you to acheive relaxation and comfort with public speaking. People who use hypnosis become a more engaging speaker and find it easier to connect with their audience once all the fear and anxiety are removed. If you would like to become a more effective publice speaker, hypnosis might be the complementary modality to help you do so!