Improving Confidence Workshop

07/05/2010 08:09

Due to popular demand I am running the Improving your Confidence workshop again on May 16th 2010 from 9-5pm

Improving your Confidence with Hypnosis and NLP Workshop May 16th 2010

Imagine being more confident in every area of your life. Imagine breaking through any barriers that stand in your way of success.

  In this one day intensive workshop you will learn strategies on increasing self confidence with NLP and Self Hypnosis.

In this course you will learn how to
-Get to the root of what is causing a lack of confidence and understanding it
-Release old thoughts and emotions that stand in the way of success
-Develop a better self image
-Using NLP Strategies to increase confidence when and where you need it
-Creating new patterns of behaviour around confidence using NLP modelling techniques

-use powerful self hypnosis techniques to increase confidence

The cost of the course is $200.

If you would like more information or to enroll you can contact me directly.

Space is limited to 5 participants