Internal Makeover

14/08/2010 07:36

When your clothes become out dated or out of style you clean out your closet and donate them to charity or a worthy cause. Then you make a trip to the store to get some new threads so you look top notch. I am sure you have experienced the feeling of wearing new clothes and know how good it feels when you look your best.

But what about old thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour that have become out dated or out of style? How do you clear out those? And how do you get new, fresh ideas, thoughts, feelings and behaviours?

Hypnosis and NLP are both wonderful tools that can help to release those things that are no longer serving you. It can release old emotions, negative thoughts and behaviours. Then new patterns of thought can be installed so that you can begin living your life as you desire.

If you feel great after getting new clothes can you imagine how good you would feel after an internal makeover!