Karma Co-Op-New Member November

06/11/2012 12:29


If you are interested in improving your health, eating right is a great place to start. We have seen an increase of awareness around the foods that we are consuming. People are waking up to the effects that pesticides, GMO's and processed foods are having on their health. 

Organic food can be more expensive. All it takes is a visit to the larger organic grocery chains to see that the prices are more than conventional stores.

There is a better way to go organic!

Karma Co-op is a market with heart located in downtown Toronto. Karma specializes in organic, local, GMO free and fair trade products

As a member you contribute 2 hours of work a month. The prices are marked up less than other grocery chains as a result so the savings are passed on to members.

Karma carries over 200 bulk items, organic produce fresh from dozens of Ontario farms, health supplements (we even have a registered nutritionist on staff to help with your questions) and the highest quality, eco-friendly goods making it a one stop shop for the health conscious consumer.

We would love to have you as part of our community. If you are interested in joining, please visit www.karmacoop.org 

You can watch an introductory video on the co-op here!