Learning To Become a More Effective Communicator- Day 2-Questions

28/09/2010 09:36

Asking people the right questions leads to answers. It leads to better understanding and more open lines of communication.https://cms.hypnosis-toronto.webnode.com/blog/

I have a friend, Ameila, who is very good as asking questions. One day when we met she asked me "How are you doing?"

"Oh fine!" I responded.

She retorted with "Now how are you really doing?"

Needless to say I told her exactly what was going on with me in my life at that time. She asked the right question to get me to open up more about what was really going on in my life.

With just a little bit of effort, practice and fun at the beginning, asking questions can begin to bring amazing results to your relationships. There is only really two criteria. Remembering to ask questions and taking the time to make sure they are empowering questions.

If you are at work, imagine asking your co-workers "what could we do to increase our productivity while making it fun?"

Imagine asking yourself questions such as "I wonder what I could do to make my work out routine more enjoyable?"

What if you asked your mate or partner "What aspects of our relationship can we work on to make our bond stronger?

Practice asking questions in your daily conversations and watch in amazement as your communication skills improve greatly!