Learning to Become a More Effective Communicator- Day 3- Building Rapport Through Mirroring and Matching

29/09/2010 05:49

Mirroring and matching is one of the most effective ways to connect to someone and build rapport. Mirroring and matching simply means to examine a person for 30 seconds becoming aware of their language style, gestures and mannerisms. After we become aware of these, we begin to emulate them and feed them back to the person we are communicating with.


What is the benefit of mirroring and matching?


It builds rapport and makes a person feel comfortable. People like people that are like themselves, it makes them feel comfortable and feels that you are a like minded person. It allows you to connect with people at their level.


You may notice that you already do this in your life. People do it naturally all the time. Now that you know this easy technique you will be able to build rapport immediately.