Making your own eco friendly air freshener

16/01/2009 16:22

It is fast and easy as well as eco friendly to make your own air freshener with essential oils as apposed to harsh cemicals. A few drops of essential oil (Lavender, citrus, bergamot) can be dropped into a spray bottle with water. You can even combime different oils to create different scents. Essential oils can make your home smell invigorating, calming or relaxing as each essential oil brings different feelings into the body when inhaled. Also they have a greater lasting power so a few sprays will go a long way. Its better for your home and family because it is all natural. Plus it is cost effective because a bottle of essential oil costs 10$ to 20$ and contains 250 drops. You only have to add 10 drops to a large spray bottle so a bottle of essential oil with go a long way.