My office is expanding!!!

27/05/2009 13:06

    They say that the universe is expanding, well that might just be the case, and it seems that it has somehow had an effect on my office! Over the past few months I have been working with other hypnotherapists and wellness practitioners trying to incorporate what they do with what I do. In the coming weeks you will see other people's services being added on this website and as part of the packages I offer. I feel this is the next step of my practice. To integrate other practitioners knowledge with the work that I am already doing with clients to create a place where people can come to make the changes that they wish in a compassionate, non judgemental place with people who truly do care!


   Also, the hypnosis school and training facility that I have been creating over the past year is finally coming into fruition. Check back soon for more information on this new, exciting opportunity to learn about hypnosis and mind change techniques!