New Release-Healing Your Inner Child!

08/09/2010 22:05

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Welcome to your Journey into maximizing and harnessing the power of your mind. In this hypnosis audio program you will experience a journey that will enable you to connect to a quiet place within you. It is within this quiet place that personal transformation occurs.

Residing deep within you is your inner child. Sometimes this part of us can be alone, scared, sad or anger. Traumas that occured as a child that left unhealed can manifest later in our life as negative patterns of behaviour and emotion.

This program is a process that has been designed to help you connect with and heal this part of you. You will learn to develop self-love and through this new found love your prepective on the yourself will change and transform. This will enable you to function more fully in your life. With this new alignment comes great strength and happiness.

If you are ready to heal the past, and move forward, this program can help you do so.