Overcome all fears through firewalking!

01/09/2009 15:00

This October, Humanities Team Canada is holding a retreat weekend entitled "Breakthrough" at the Pleasure Valley Resort in Uxbridge. I will be presenting a hypnosis workshop on Saturday before the firewalk! If you are interested in attending please contact Yasmine from Humanities Team, the information about the retreat is below. I am looking forward to the firewalk myself!

Breakthrough Weekend Retreat

what would your life be like, if you could defy past conditioning and move from believing
to knowing & accessing your true essence and power, where everything is possible.
This is an opportunity to explore living in "present moment awareness" and self discovery
through an engaging speaker roster. Allow and prepare for breakthrough moments,
insights and healing through …
• Baby SEED : Strengthen Early Emotional Development (Affirmations &
• Law of Attraction, Medicine Wheel, Animal Totems and Native Spirituality.
• Feng Shui, Meditation and Hypnosis
• Fire Walking Seminar culminating in an opportunity to cross the coals
• a soul-felt Conversations (an inspiring board game event)
• An interactive and healing musical channeling with Brenda the Medicine
Songwoman on Sunday afternoon.
• Optional guided horse back riding
All this in a nurturing setting wrapped in nature at the beautiful Pleasure Valley Retreat
Centre, just outside of Uxbridge, Ontario. Surround yourself with the spirits of horses,
birds and the fall colours to ignite your passion and fire your spirit.
Register now at www.humanitysteamcanada.com
TEL - 416-791-6441
E-mail –Yasmin@humanitysteamcanada.com