Quell negative thinking by becoming your own cheerleader!

27/08/2010 12:42

Negative thoughts can be like weeds in a garden. Weeds choke out the growth of flowers preventing them to flourish. When negative thoughts are present it affects our ability to have positive life experiences. Negative thinking can cause people to always see the worst side of a situation, cause one to lose hope, complain about life or oneself and limit new horizions and creativity.

An easy method of quelling negativity is to begin talking to yourself as you would a dear friend. It takes some practice at first but it gets easier the more that you do it. Become your own cheerleader. Tell yourself that you "can do it" and that "I can overcome this".

Instead of putting yourself down, start to lift yourself up. By rewriting and re-scripting negative self talk to positive self talk life can be much easier.