Rates and Services

02/09/2008 14:59

Fee Schedule

Directions to the clinic 

Initial consultation 30 minutes-Free          

First session $100

Subsequent sessions $100

Past life regression/Chakra Balancing session $200/ 2 hour session

Life Between Lives $300/ 3 Hour Session

Because everyone deserves a chance to make positive changes in their lives, Donald is pleased to announce that Saturdays his clinic will now be open to single mothers and clients living with HIV/AIDS in the GTA who have a low income or on social assistance and cannot afford the price of sessions. These sessions will be provided by Donald free of charge providing these criteria are met. If you think you or someone that you know is eligible, please call 416-464-7780 for more information.

If you are ready for change, you will make that change using hypnosis! I guarantee it!

For directions to the clinic office please click here