Simple Tips To Help You Manage Stress

13/09/2010 09:00

A little bit of stress can be helpful. It can help you to keep on top of things either work or school related. But when you add situational stress on top of daily routines it can lead to chronic stress. The death of a spouse or loved one, a divorce, an injury, losing a job, arguing with others or having relationship difficulties can all factor into stress levels.

High stress levels affect both the immune system and the cardiovascular system and if left untreated can lead to unexplained pain and illness, high blood pressure, ulcers, migraines, heart disease, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome and autoimmune diseases.

Stress can also erode your mental health causing anxiety, fears, substance abuse (such as smoking and alcohol) and negative thinking.

There are things that you can do on a daily basis to help you manage stresses as they come up.

-Take an inventory of your life. Write the things that are causing you stress down onto a piece of paper.

-When you look at the list, begin coming up with solutions to these issues.

-What on the list can be tackled right away? What needs to wait till tomorrow? Begin to prioritize

-As you accomplish the things on the list check them off. You will feel relieved after checking each item off the list.

-Practice meditation or yoga on a daily basis

All of these are wonderful ways that you can reduce the stress levels in your life.

I have recorded a hypnosis program to help reduce and remove stress. It is entitled Journey Into Rejuvenation-Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit. You can sample it and download it at the below link.